Thursday, October 10, 2013

Amber Bracelet 'Harvest Season'

Good morning sunshine!

It's almost Thanksgiving Day long weekend here in Canada. I know many of you American friends celebrate it much later, so it looks like long Thanksgiving/Christmas Holiday for you. But here in Canada we like to take things slowly :-)

The sun is still shining and its still very warm in Ontario though in the morning or at 3AM (yah, tell it to my dog!) it's a little bit damp and chilly.

I live close to a community garden and guys here are celebrating Harvest Festival this Saturday. They have grown some tomatos, greens, squashes and even pumpkins! Don't you just love pumpkin? It's yellow, it's orange, it's warm and comforting. Every day as I pass my local grocery store I look at their display of pumpkins and flowers. And even if I feel low this sight instantly lifts up my spirits.

So, now you know what inspired my to create this genuine Baltic Amber bracelet with a pumpkin charm.

The three-strand bracelet is 8'' long and costs $38.  Thanks for visiting and have yourself a wonderful day!

Sold out! Request a custom order:

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