Friday, October 11, 2013

How to take care of your amber jewelry

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Yesterday I showed you my Amber Bracelet and today I'll be talking about taking care of your amber jewelry. 

So, you are the lucky owner of a piece of amber jewelry. You hold it on your palm and it reminds you of the sun, honey, summer and hapiness . You want to cherish it, take good care of it and adore it for many-many years. 

As you may already know, amber is not a stone -  it is fossilized tree resin which came to us from Neolithic times.  And poetically speaking, it is a bit of the sun on your hand.

Lets talk about does and donts of amber care.


1.  ... be hard on you amber bracelet. Amber is fragile, don't drop it or hit it.  

2.  ... keep it in metal or other similar hard boxes.
3. ... keep it together with other pieces of your jewelry
4. ... let it come in contact with powder, cream, perfume and other cosmetics. Especially perfumes!
5. ... use chemicals to clean it. Even soap can cause your amber bracelet or necklace to become dull.
6. ... expose it to direct sunlight, at least not for long
7. ... expose your amber to rapid temperature changes
8. ... cook while wearing amber jewelry  - amber doesn't like high temperature (or too low for that matter)
9. ... do your household chores wearing you amber jewelry

All right, I think that's enough prohibitions for one day, let us focus on does.


1. ... keep it in soft clothe bag separately from other jewelry

2. ... clean it with tepid water and gently dry up with soft flannel tissue
3. ... 'walk' you amber to the sun. Amber loves sunlight if it is not direct. Let it sit outside at sunset or sunrise.
4. ... from time to time you can polish you jewelry with extra virgin olive oil applied on soft cloth. After that dry it up and clean off the olive oil completely with flannel. 

And finally I'll give you very interesting and old recipe how to  prevent amber from changing its color.

For brown and dark-honey colored amber: 

Brew a cup of strong black tea. Cool it down to +14C (57F). Put your amber jewelry in the cooled tea for 18 hours. Rinse with cold water and dry up with soft cloth. 

For lemon-yellow and milk-colored amber:

Make turmeric solution: 50 ml of boiling water + 20 g of finely grinded turmeric and put you amber into that solution for 22 hours.

You can do this procedures for prevention of color change and for giving you amber a color and shine boost.

Hope it helped you. If you know any secrets of amber care or have any questions - comment bellow please.

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