Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Holidays!

I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving, my dear American friends! And to my Jewish friends - Happy Hannukkah!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

'Cappuccino Swirl' Brazilian Agate Bracelet

I know, I know - it's almost Christmas time, well at least according to the stores.  And I promise you that next week I'll present you my Christmas collection. But today I'd like to talk a little bit about agate.

Agate is a lovely type of crystal with a smooth sheen. It's a part of the quartz family. Agate is a very old mineral, it was first discovered by Greek philosopher Theophrastus sometime between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC.

Agate is often a bit opaque and can be found in a stunning array of shades - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, pink, white, grey and more.

Agate is a hard stone - usually within the range of 7-9 on the Mohs scale (the scale ranges from 1 to 10), which makes it good for jewelry.

As with many types of crystals, agate has its own special healing properties to improve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of its users. It is often used for relaxation and balance, to ground and provide tranquility to its owner.

What I especially like about this bracelet  - it's the color. I called it Cappuccino Swirl, and it's just it - soft, sweet, warm milky cappuccino - what you need for cold winter morning before Christmas!

Thank you all for looking and I wish you warm and cappuccinny (is it even a word?) day!

The bracelet is 8,5'' long with a beautiful star clasp, and the agate beads are 10mm. It is only $52 + shipping and handling! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sienna Red Agate 'Bear' Charm Bracelet

On a gloomy day like this one, you need something to cheer you up. Something simple yet powerful in its inspiriting.

Walking outside in crisp and windy air you are going to a nearby woods holding a cup of cinnamon coffee, you get lost in your thoughts and suddenly you see a bear in front of you!

All right, I'm just kidding, I do not wish for you to see a real bear, but how about this charming-charming cute 3D silver toned walking bear charm?

Bear charm made of imitation rhodium plating over lead-free pewter. The pewter in this charm meets CPSC lead standards. Approximate measurements: charm has 12.5mm hanging length (including loop), 17mm width, 5mm wide. It's the details that matter, isn't it? Have you noticed the small paw prints on the metal bead? How cute is it?!

The bracelet is on a stretch cord and about 8'' long, the beads are faceted 10mm Agate Gemstone. The color in these stones is a Siennna Red, just beautiful!

The bracelet is only $25 plus three dollars for shipping and handling.

Thank you for looking and I wish you sunny and cheerful day!



Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Red Coral Bracelet, 'Carmen's Kiss'

Though stores are already decorated for Christmas and some of the houses in my neighbourhood as well, it is technically still fall season. And Thanksgiving Day is still to come for our American friends. So, let's not rush my dears, and take one day at a time :-)

Fall is my favourite season of all: trees so colorful, leaves are rich yellow and red.

The bracelet is made of genuine red coral and 7'' long. Embellished by metal filigree beads and crystal beads.  It is only $25 + $3 for shipping and handling and you can have it for this fall!


Friday, November 8, 2013

Ruby Agate Bracelet, 'Regal Jewel'

Tonight my dog walked me outside at 4 AM. That's very peaceful and quiet at that time. Though, I did see some activity: a car drove to a 24 hrs fitness centre (what an ungodly hour for a workout!) and a morning paper was delivered to my neighbours doors.

My head was clear off of all the thoughts and my spirit was free and high - ready to fly. Was something solemn, majestic and imperial at the moment... In a few moment the spell was broken by my dog, but I remembered it.

And there is quintessence of it: Regal Jewel Bracelet made of graduated  faceted ruby Agate. The beads are 10, 8 and 6 mm. The bracelet itself is 7,5" long and embellished by Swarovski and Chinese crystal and some metal beads. You can have it  for  $62 + shipping if you click the 'Buy Now' PayPal button bellow.

I wish you all have a grand day today! Happy weekend!

Sold out! Request a custom order

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Customer Testimonials - 2

Well, ladies, there is another testimonial from yet one more happy customer! And when you are happy - I'm happy!

Evgenia Kokhlova, accountant from Maple Ridge, BC:

"Got my order from Beadly Things today... Everything from jewellery itself to elegant embroidered packaging is absolutely perfect! I'm so happy, thank you so much :)!"

And now I'll show you what did she get:

1. Fuchsia Quartz wire wrapped bracelet

2. Matching pair of Quartz earrings

3. Amazonite matte bracelet with lobster charm

4. Matching pair of Amazonite earrings

5. Matching Amazonite ring

6. Amber earrings

Wish you all a bright, warm and happy day!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Amethist Oval Bracelet

Amethyst IS a royal stone. Even if you did not know that before you would have guessed simply just looking at it. I've never owned amethyst jewelry before I started to create my own a few years back, and now I must confess it is my favourite gemstone and I cannot stop myself from wearing it all the time.

This bracelet is very rare because of it large oval amethyst beads which are not easy to find. The supplier I buy my beads from do not carry it anymore and not sure they will have it again. So this bracelet is one of a kind and even I myself, the creator of it, is not likely to repeat it.

Amethyst is one of the most famous purple gemstones, and has been used to make jewelry since ancient times. England's monarchy possesses some fabulous Cron Jewels which prominently feature royal purple amethyst of astounding size and beauty. Additionally, the Roman Catholic church favours it is a popular choice for clergy; every pope since the 16th century has worn amethyst jewelry of some type.

The bracelet is 8,5'' long. To buy it click the 'Buy Now' button bellow and you will be redirected to secure PayPal web site. The price is only $82.