Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Offer

I accept custom orders for bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. Genuine semi-precious stones (agate, garnet, carnelian, amazonite, jade, etc.) set up in non-tarnish stainless-steel wire, silver-filled, sterling silver wire, etc.

I also do very simple (but anyway very pretty orders). Email me at: with your request and we will discuss your taste, preferences in colors and stones, and your budget.

Merry Christmas everyone!

You can see a few samples of my work bellow.

Green Crazy Lace Agate


Ruby Agate

Lapis Lazuli

Pink Quartz

Fuchsia Quartz

Mountain Jade

Autumn Magnesite


Ocean Madagascar Jasper



Pink Variscite

Cloudy Mate Amazonite

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Sets

I was so swamped before the Christmas Craft Show that I nearly forgot that I promised you to show my Christmas sets I made this year. Looks like I made my promise in just the nick of time. Anyway, it's better to be late than never :-)

There are my bright and festive sets. The bracelets are on the elastic cord and will fit most. They are made of Mountain Jade, a.k.a. dolomite marble.

1. The first one is white and deep blue with flowers and pinecones charms. The beads are 8mm.
"Blue Pine" $39 + $5 shipping and handling.


 Contact me:

2. The second one is white and light blue with Christmas bells, angel and crescent moon charms. Beads are 8mm as well.
"Blue Angel" $39 + $5 shipping and handling.



3. The third one is white, green and red - the very colors of Christmas. Frosty the snowman charm, rocking horse and Christmas wreath. The beads are 12mm.
"Christmas Toys" $44 + $5 shipping and handling.


Contact me:

4. And finally, the last one made of red, white and green 12 mm beads with candy cane, Santa Claus and pine cone charms.
"Santa Claus" $44 + $5 shipping and handling.


Contact me:

Have you done you Christmas shopping yet? There is still time. Happy Christmas shopping to you, my dears! Yours truly as always, Anna:

Monday, December 9, 2013


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One Christmas Show done!

One Christmas show done, one more to go next week. I've sold quite a lot of my jewelry and happy about it! It was a hard work but it was worth it. Now I need to make more jewelery to restock my inventory :-)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Craft Show

Good morning, good morning! I am excited to invite you all who happens to be in Toronto next two Sundays, December 8 and December 15 from 11AM to 4 PM at a Christmas Craft Show!

The show will take place at Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church, 823 Manning Ave., Toronto, ON, M6G 2W9.

I'll sell my jewelry at the show (that's the reason I'm so excited) and some great merchants are going to sell their stuff too.

Come and celebrate with us.  Russian food, crafts and gifts - what more do you need to get in the Christmas mood!

See you at the show! Yours truly, Anna.