Thursday, February 20, 2014

'Pinkberry Love' Jewelry Set

This morning I suddenly had an insuperable desire for something sweet and pink. Look what this craving has done to me! That oh so sweet set made of Chinese striped dyed Agate beads had cured me. But still I cannot take my eyes off of this bracelet, earrings and ring. Even as I'm writing this post I keep stealing glances to this neon pink girlish set.

The bracelet is 8" long, antique silver toggle clasp with butterfly, eight 14mm beads and crystal heart connector.

The earrings are 1,5" long from top to bottom, 14mm pink beads.

The ring size is 7, the pink bead is 14mm as well and wire wrapped in silver plated non-tarnish wire.

Bracelet $28 + shipping and handling
Earrings $12+ shipping and handling
Ring $15 + shipping and handling
Set $50 + shipping and handling (you save $5.00)

I hope you have a very sweet day!

Yours truly, Anna

1. 'Pinkberry Love' Set


2. 'Pinkberry Love' Bracelet


3. 'Pinkberry Love' Earrings


4. 'Pinkberry Love' Ring


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me

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