Monday, June 23, 2014

Set of Three Stretch Stackable Bracelets 'Organic'

Set of three stackable stretch bracelets that will fit a standard wrist size of 6 1/2" - 7 1/2".

It is so organic looking. These three bracelets look great stacked all together or worn two together or one at a time. Could also be fabulous gifts for three different people if you can stand to part with them. I couldn't.


These bracelets make a huge statement on your wrists. Wear all five stacked on one arm or divide them up. Just one bracelet looks amazing too. Whatever suits your mood.

I guarantee my stretch bracelets against breaking. If it should happen, I will repair it at no cost to you.
All three bracelets for only $57 + shipping.

Materials used:
  • Creamy-white faceted Agate beads, 10mm
  • Crazy Lace Blue Agate nuggets, 10-11mm
  • Chocolate Howlite, 10mm
  • Antique Silver metal findings
  • Antuque Silver filigree bead, 10mm
  • Three charms: Fish, Flower, 'Play/Arm' charm

Agate is a stone of  protection, strength and harmony. It is a stone of balance, precision and perception. Agate eliminates negativity. It combines the strength and solidity of a stone with the fluidity of water and translucency of air - a unique combinations of energies, indeed!

Howlite has an extremely calming energy and can be used to relieve anxiety, tension and intense emotions. It is said to be able to calm the mind reducing fretful thoughts and helping you to relax. Howlite is said to help calm unreasonable anger, either your own or that directed at you. 

* * * 

Hope you like this set of bracelets as much as I do. Thank you for visiting me and have a great day!

Yours truly, 

Anna, the Beadly Things designer,

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