Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Flaming Red Bohemian Silk Wrap

Hand dyed silk bracelet with all sorts of yummy charms on it and one big Fuchsia Quartz bead. This is a sort of organza/crepe silk ribbon, very soft and organic looking. I used two colors of silk for better effect and contrast - flamingo flamenco (very intense pink) and snow white.

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Materials used:
  1. Silk string, Snow White
  2. Fairy Ribbon, Flamingo Flamenco
  3. Tierra Cast Charms: tree of life, sun, feathers, Celtic knot - 7
  4. Fuchsia Quartz bead, 14mm - 1

Will fit most wrists. Simply hold one end with your fingers, wrap it around and tie a  knot. And you are ready to go!


Wrap it around your wrist as many times as you want. Tuck the knot in or wear the bracelet with the knot out.


All my handmade jewelry come to you in pretty gift-ready packages.

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