Friday, November 21, 2014

Larimar Sterling Silver Necklace 'Winter Sky'

Absolutely stunning rare Larimar free-form cabochon necklace. The pattern on the stone resembles pine trees silhouettes on crystal clear blue winter sky.

Larimar is a relatively new find that occurs only one place on earth - on the island of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic) in the Caribbean Sea. The available quantity at the mine is unknown, which makes the future supply of Larimar uncertain.

Named for discoverer’s daughter “Larissa” and the Spanish word for sea “Mar”, Larimar contains the blue hues of the caribbean sea, with white and gray 'clouds'. It is a stunning stone.

The stone itself is about 1,5'' (almost 2'' in setting). The necklace is about 30'' long. Only $136 + shipping and handling.


Materials used:

1. Freeform Larimar cabochon
2. Sterling silver wire
3. Sterling silver toggle clasp
4. Sterling silver chain


Larimar is a crystal of serenity, promoting relaxation in every aspect. In healing Larimar is believed to reduce depression and apathy and to help relieve bipolar disorders.

Back of the pendant:


Larimar should not be exposed to any chemicals, including hand soap, hair spray, perfumes and hand cream.  To keep your Larimar stones as beautiful as possible, they should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing that you take off in the evening.

Please note:

Avoid long sun exposure, temperatures over 37 grades Celsius and salt waters. Always be sure to store Larimar out of direct light. It can and will fade, even in incandescent lighting. Keep it in a jewelry box when you're not wearing it. Make your Larimar feel extra special by storing it in a velvet or silk pouch. Try to store your Larimar in a cool environment, as excess heat can adversely affect the stone's etheric coloring as well.


Your Larimar necklace will arrive to you in pretty, gift-ready organza bag.

Thank you for shopping and have a great day!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me:

yours truly,

Anna Ivanova, jewelry designer at Beadly Things.


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