Friday, October 9, 2015

Faceted Green Rutilated Quartz Ring

Beautiful ring with 10mm Green Faceted Quartz stone. Select size and material: Sterling Silver or Silver Plated wire.

Only $24 (for Silver Plated) plus shipping.



The ring is made to order to match your size. It could be settled in Sterling Silver or Silver Plated wire.

Materials used:
  1. Green Rutilated Faceted Quarts bead, 10mm
  2. Sterling silver or Silver Plated wire
Green Quartz opens and stabilizes the heart chakra. It transmutes negative energy, inspires creativity and balances the endocrine system. 


If you didn't find an option you liked or your size, contact me via email:

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Anna Ivanova, Jewelry Designer @ Beadly Things.

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