Friday, February 12, 2016

3 Elastic Yoga Beaded Stackable Stretch Bracelets

Very stylish, chic look so you can wear it with any outfit, great for stacking, great to wear separately as well!

Only $36 plus shipping and handling.


Materials used:
  1. Blue Lace Agate nuggets
  2. Lemon Agate nuggets
  3. Agua Nuevo Agate 10mm beads
  4. Pre-Stretched Elastic cord
  5. European style charm bead holder
  6. Silver plated "Lotus" charm
  7. Silver plated "Om" charm
  8. Silver plated "Bird" charm

Agate is a grounding stone. It brings about an emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. A soothing and calming stone, Agate works slowly but brings great strength.

Blue Lace Agate is a gentle, calming stone that engenders tranquility and grace.  It is even considered a happiness stone from these harmonious energies it carries, as well as one of hope..

Agua Nueva Agate is mined in Northern Mexico. This stone was very collectable and reasonably accessible in the 1970s, although mining has since stopped so it is becoming quite a rarity.

* * *
Om  is a sacred sound and a spiritual icon in Eastern cultures.  It is a cosmic sound and mystical syllable - affirmation to something divine.

The bird is generally thought to symbolism freedom, they can walk on the earth and swim in the sea as humans do but they also have the ability to soar into the sky. Birds are free to roam to earth and the sky. Many cultures believe that they symbolise eternal life; the link between heaven and earth.

The lotus is the symbol of purity. Its roots are in muddy water, but the lotus flower rises above the mud to bloom, clean and fragrant. This pattern of growth signifies the progress of the soul from the primeval mud of materialism, through the waters of experience, and into the bright sunshine of enlightenment.

* * *

I wish you a very calm and tranquil day!

Thank you for shopping!


Anna Ivanova, Jewelry Designer at Beadly Things.

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