Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Malaysian Jade and Conch Shell Bracelet 'Aquarelle'

Cluster charm bracelets are in style this season, get one for yourself too. This natural stone and shell bracelet is handmade and unique. Standard size - 7" fits most wrists. Easy clasp for your independence. Adorned with Swarovski crystals.

$120 plus $7 for shipping and handling.


Materials used:
  1. Malaysian Jade (Quartzite) faceted beads - 10mm
  2. Conch Shell round beads - 8mm, 6mm
  3. Swarovski crystals - 10mm, 8mm, 6mm
  4. Metal components
  5. Silver tone chain
  6. Silver tone clasp


Quartzite is a mystery stone whose metaphysical properties are not fully known yet. It stabilizes positive changes within you and helps prevent you from slipping back to your old state after you undergo any uplifting change, such as a healing or spiritual experience. Quartzite helps the body establish a new state of balance that includes the beneficial change.

Conch Shell is a symbol of esoteric wisdom and awakening of the soul in many cultures. In Asian mythology the Conch shell was used to call troops into battle. The shell is therefore associated with courage, power and sovereignty. The conch shell is associated with water, thus the esoteric meaning of the conch shell bears some relations to creation. The spiral pattern at the tip of the conch shell represents the beginning of existence.

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